Restoring My Senses

Our senses are deluged daily and become so over saturated that it numbs them or deadens them I think. We lose the ability to enjoy the things our senses give us with the rushing world today. I love early morning and even middle of the night times for it makes my senses come alive.

I find myself hearing all the sounds of the house…the oxygen machine running, the fans, Jack snoring, the wind blowing, the clock in the living room chiming that I usually never hear, even the click of my own clock as the minutes change. And I start to notice the house with only my night lights on and lay here and look around seeing our home through a different lens. Even smells are stronger laying there in the semi dark. I smell the lotion I put on before I went to bed, the clean smell of my pillow cases, the lingering smell of the peach dessert son made and even the smells of the candles across the room.

With all the sounds blaring at us, the bright and rushing colors and life itself, with one smell after the other and even all the foods we taste in a day…everything becomes blurred. I read once that the first bite of anything was the best bite. After that as your senses became accustomed to it, the taste dimmed. Perhaps that is what life is. The first bite, the first jump into life with both feet is the most exciting and after that we spend our time trying to regain that excitement.

Try some time going outside after dark and sitting there in the sundown dimness and see how many things you hear that you do not normally pay attention to or how many things you smell or see. Allow your senses to come alive to the world around you. It is those senses that allow me to visualize when pain is bad so that I can escape the pain for a while.

Beautiful windy day outside today. Hope you are all having a great holiday weekend.

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