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  1. Dear DanLrene,
    I wish I can hear the proper pronunciation of your name. I just took a peak on the CRPS site to see how Dee Friend is doing, and I bumped into your site (I believe we may be sister’s) and you are looking beautiful despite the pain, and the chronological years you claim to be.
    I have many questions, and I have just begun to dream again in life after my husband and I went through hell losing everything we had, all the investments my husband had made for our golden years security that he had to sell each one off, and we still ended up losing our house we built to the bank and we left our home land of 13 years in high desert AZ. (Prescott, 4 mild seasons, snows but it sticks to the trees real pretty and not much on the road, summer you open your windows and the breeze blows gently through as it makes the bamboo shades sway like breathing in a sensual, soultry kind a way. I always heard the animals in the meadows communicating, playing and laughing. We were living in San Diego where we met and fell in love the very moment we met. I thought he stopped off for a labotomy (sp?) hope you know what I mean.

    When we lost everything, even our name, credit went terrible…my husband moved to Phila with all of our things (after we had a big sale of so much of our beautiful long awaited for ‘things’ we moved back to where I thought I would never return to live, Philadelphia. My middle son was here and he had a major medical problem, we moved into a way over priced condo (rent) and we found a 100 year old row home in South Phila. and we are the 2nd family to ever live in this hues. My husband packed up his things that he needed with a sm uhaul attached to a bronze turbo boost subaru car, and he drove off into the sunset and got an apt. in Austin where he had been working with another brilliant man that lives and is building a business there and my husband is extremely intelligent and creative and has helped this man initially from our home, flying to Austin every once in a while, and he left with the idea of being on site and being able to create another financial level that we can depend on, but I lost him it seems. He was my care taker, he knew just by looking at me what was up. He understood like no other. He told me he would never leave me and that I was the love of his life. Push came to shove and I called it by name in an honest way, he left me for my son to care for. There was no training, or insight of all that he did for me that I was not aware of. I am also on oxygen and the whole big deal. It sounds like you have a wonderful son, I know you feel grateful. I have basically been on my own dealing with this being immobilized in bed for days to weeks sometimes, with my son out working and really hated the fact that our initial agreement was to stay together till we got our ducks in a row. I have been in trauma and shock that we lost everything and I am left here on my own to deal. I love my husband forever and a day. He has such PTSS. Just thinking of taking care of me again, he can’t deal with the idea. I am also a warrior and somehow things will work out and I do believe in miracles…and I learned a lot from this experience. I look forward to leanring more about you, and check into your wisdom on this condition. I did not find you on FB. but I am not that savvy and I am finally tired enough to fall asleep now as it it 6:12 a.m. I appreciate your sharing and I think you have many beliefs and pleasures (like your dogs) that I have too. I look forward to connecting and hopefully you will receive this letter. My name is Marcia Abraham. & I am on facebook. If you go on their to friend me, please make sure I see it. I am not on everyday.
    I wish you all the pain relief and happiness and to your son also. I hope I didn’t gab too much.

    Be well,

    • Marcia thank you so much for sharing your story with me. I am sorry you lost so much. I hope that we can give each other support for yes it is hard. No you did not gab too much. My name is Dani pronounced like Danny. I have not blogged in a while due to so many doctor appointments and surgery etc. I will be posting soon and hopefully we can talk more. 🙂 Dani
      And Marcia never compromise yourself just to have someone care for you. I did learn that through the years. I am on a “long term care” program that helps provide me assistance.

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