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Evolving Faith

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Faith is one of those things that has different meanings to different people. Sadly, being a person of faith or as some call it, a “religious” person has become some- thing that is considered almost an insult. People are denigrated because they do have faith or do believe in God. I think this is because the range of what faith means to people is very wide. Some are extreme, legalistic people of religion, some are what some people call hypocritical religious people who practice their faith on church days and then live like they want on other days and some are just plain, simple folks who believe in the teachings of Jesus. I am the last one.

We all know the traditional view of faith as in faith in God and heaven but the standards by which people practice their faith varies and some are very judgmental and harsh towards those that do not believe like they do. I follow what Jesus taught and that is to “love thy neighbor as thyself” and to treat others with love, compassion and care. I have learned many things that I was taught were in the Bible were not actually so. It did not shatter my faith in God or the Bible. It empowered me to learn that I could study and read the Bible myself and learn what it really says.

There is also a different type of faith that incorporates life and belief in oneself and that has to do with faith in oneself.  So often, people will not attempt things because they are afraid they are not capable.  To me, that is a lack of faith in oneself…in one’s ability to do. I have faith that I will wake up each morning. I have faith that I will be here just as long as God intends me to be. I have faith that I am strong enough in my beliefs that it does not matter what others may say against what I believe. I can remember times when I did not have faith in myself and was afraid to venture outside my little world. I did not have faith that I was smart enough or talented enough or good enough to do certain things.

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I see people who get frantic, ready to fight, and even paranoid if someone dares to disagree with what they believe in. Perhaps it is the sage wisdom of so many years of dealing with life and the physical issues I have, but I sit and think “What are you afraid of? What are you really afraid of that you can not allow someone to disagree with what you believe in? Are you afraid they might convince you that what you believe is not so? Are you afraid that they will convince others that what you believe is not so?  Do you not have faith in your own beliefs?”

I think when we have faith in our beliefs, in what we do…then it does not matter what anyone says. I do not have to prove them wrong to make me right. I just have to believe in myself and my beliefs. And what if they say something that makes me re-think what I believe? Is that so bad? I think that is how we grow and learn. So what If I discover that part of something I believe in is not so good. Does that make it all bad? No, it does not. Nothing is perfect.

Faith comes in many forms. I have faith that the sun will come up every day. I have faith that night will follow day. I have faith that heating food will cook it and make it safer. I have faith in my son to take care of me. Will he be perfect at it? No, but that does not mean he does not do a good job. It means I look at life realistically and do not try to turn something into a fairy tale. I have faith that my other son loves me. Does that mean he has to call me every minute of every day? I have faith that my beliefs about God are right for me. No. I have faith in my new doctors. Does that mean they will do every thing exactly like I want? No. It means I believe in their ability to take the best care of me..

The biggest thing about faith  is to have faith in yourself and in what you believe and to have faith enough in yourself that it does not threaten your self-confidence for someone to disagree with you. When you have faith in yourself, you will not be shattered if you learn that what you believed turns out to not be true. You are able to say “I was wrong” and change your view and go on with life. Our beliefs are not written in stone and as we grow in life, so will our beliefs change and grow. Have faith in yourself for even if you fall, it is not the end of the world. You just get up, dust yourself off and start again.

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Never Give Up

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This video is me and will be me over and over until I die. There are times I may need people to lift me up and walk with me because I have “torn” and can not go alone but when it comes to finishing each race,  for we will have more than one….. I will walk it just me and God at the end.

video by Connie Lynne

As long as you do not give up, you will not fail. You may not reach where you would love to be but you will reach farther than you think you can reach. I will always try to move forward even if I have to crawl.

Life is full of choices and we get to choose. And not choosing is a choice. I will always choose to move forward and choose to find happiness in my life. Does this mean I never cry or never have down times? No, it simply means that I choose to deal with whatever comes my way and pick myself up and start over again. I can not tell you the times I have worked on walking again even just a few steps. I could have given up but I have loved ones who lifted me up and walked with me until I could take a few steps on my own. And yes, I fell again and am now working on that all over again.

Sometimes we create a goal that is impossible and so any other goal will not do. The runner in this video wanted to win so badly but once he tore his muscle, all he wanted was to finish the race. And you will see that when he gets hurt, his daddy comes to him to help him make that walk. But the one thing that brings tears to my eyes is that at the end so that his son could make that step over the finish line by himself, his daddy let go of him and let his son go on alone. He made his son stronger by doing that because then the son knew he could make it on his own.

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Open The Eyes Of Your Heart, Friend

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And oldie but one worth sharing again. This is for all my disabled and chronically ill friends who have expressed these feeling to me and others.

video by All Around

When I first saw this video, it touched my heart in a way that is hard to explain and I hope I can do it justice. The obvious meaning of this video has to do with faith and the Lord but it also had another meaning to me. It had to do with how we view people and how the eyes of our heart need opening.

Chronically ill people and disabled people often live in a small world because leaving home is very hard and sometimes impossible and so like this young autistic boy, we live in a sort of closed in world. This song was especially poignant because the young boy is autistic and he is blind. And both are things that people who are chronically ill deal with daily….we live in a small world and are disabled and people are often blind to us and place expectations on us that we just can not fill all the time.

I can tell you that many people like me who are home bound, chronically ill, disabled, etc feel overlooked and ignored and feel like people do not want to take the time to hear us, to look inside us and really see us…not what our limitations are and not our battles but the person we are inside and accepting that the battles come with the journey with us.

“Open the eyes of my heart, Lord
Open the eyes of my heart
I want to see You”

could easily be changed to

“Open the eyes of your heart, friend
Open the eyes of your heart
I want you to see me”

We want to be seen and recognized and loved just like everyone else. We want our world to be as filled with excitement and journeys as everyone else and yet we know it never will be in the normal sense. Our world is changed in a joyous way by those that take the time to accept us and love us and see us “the person” and not what they want us to be but see US with our daily battles and the pain we suffer with that makes us more sensitive than many, makes us get tired quicker than many and makes us live in a world you are not used to.

Health issues are a constant, minute by minute issue for most of us. It IS our life and while we can pretend for a while that we are fine so that you will not be burdened with hearing it. But, doing that is also making us be something we are not and pushing us to live a lie. No, we do not want everything we say to be about our health. At least I do not. We do want what we say to be acknowledged especially if we take the time to tell you when something is going on. IF we are suffering with treatments, procedures, infusions, etc and we trust you enough to tell you and you ignore us, then our hearts cry ” Open the eyes of your heart, friend; I want you to see me”.

I have had people tell me it is just to painful to hear and my reply (to myself) is…and how painful do you think it is for me and how painful do you think it is when people you consider close friends will not travel with you on this painful journey? Some people have said “Well, I am just busy living my life.”  and I think “But I thought I was part of your life. That is what you told me.”  We do not want people’s attention 24/7. We just want a little and want to feel like we matter.

Sometimes things are just sad and sometimes they are not. It is part of life and we have to ride both roads. We can not have it all happy for if we do, we are missing an important part of life…the part that teaches us what the real beauty of life is for it is the trials that make the good times shine. And it is real friends that will be there with you through the bad times. It is real friends that open the eyes of their heart and see us.


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Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody lives

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I believe we all have an expiration date on us. No one knows the date but it is there. So, it is true that we all die. But, another truth is that while we all die, we do not all live our lives like we should. Some people do not know the meaning of living your life. They just manage to exist but existing is not the same thing as living.

Life is meant to be lived. Some people get more extravagant lives but I do not think you have to be wealthy, healthy, or anything else to actually live life. You can be like me, limited basically to this one room where people help me do just about everything I need to do from the most intimate down to the fixing of my hair in styles that I do not even like. But I do not just exist. I live and I live with hope and happiness. No, I do not like being this sick but I have two choices….either accept it and find the joy anyway or find a solution to fix it. Truth is my health can not be fixed so that means I accept my health and I find ways to make my life happy.

In order to “live” life, we have to tend to our garden of hopes and dreams. I remember one time having a difficult struggle after having had lung surgery and part of my lung removed and then later kidney surgery via a partial Nephrectomy. It was two extremely hard surgeries and took me almost a year to fully heal from each one. During that time I failed to tend my garden of hopes and dreams and thought all my dreams were lost. One day I came across a list I called my bucket list and as I sat reading it, it dawned on me that I had not lost my hopes and dreams. They had just been derailed for a while.

hopes and dreamsimage from

Many people think it is silly to have hopes and dreams but I have learned some older than dirt wisdom and that is that just the act of hoping or dreaming brings joy to our lives even if we never reach the dream. I want so badly to go back to Italy and sit in the outside cafes and drink cappuccino and talk to a friend that lives over there. I love the history and art in Italy. It is everywhere and the architecture is amazing. So dream and think about things you want to do. It is fun and brings joy that makes our life brighter.

Live your life and start by looking for the good things in life. Take a chance. For me, riding outside in my power chair just to sit and look at my flowers drains me but when I am able, I take the chance and do it because it brings me such joy. Dream more, worry less, nurture that flame of hope inside you and live. Breathe in all around you no matter where you are. Sometimes I find joy in just sitting and watching people and laugh out loud at their exuberance and sheer joy in life. I pray that you learn how to live life and not just exist for we only get one shot at living life.

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Life Is About Our Journey And How We Choose To Walk It

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Someone Sent me this and I loved it. It does talk about the tears of a woman but I find that there are men who have the compassion and love and care that we so often attribute to women. There are men who stand by their wives, their children, their families, their friends and yes, even their mothers and fathers. My sons are two of them and I have both men and women on here who are like that. So, this poem is for all of you…all of you who:

 have made me smile when I needed it the most.

have stood by me and been there for me during the rough times.

who have made me see the good side of things when all I could see was the bad

who have given me a glimpse of a better world when we see so much ugliness.

And I say thank you…from my heart.

~ Tears of a Woman ~

“Mom Why are you crying?” “Why are you crying?” he asked his mom.

“Because I’m a woman” she told him. “I don’t understand,” he said. His mom just hugged him and said, “and you never will”……….

Later the little boy asked his father, “Why does mother seem to cry for no reason?”

“All women cry for no reason,” was all his dad could say. The little boy grew up and became a man, still wondering why women cry…

Finally he put in a call to GOD; when GOD got on the phone the man said, “GOD, why do women cry so easily?”

GOD said…….When I created woman she needed to be special. I created her shoulders strong enough to bear the weight of the world; yet, soft enough to be comfortable….

I gave her the strength to give life, the kind that accepts the  rejection that often comes from children.

I gave her the strength to  allow her to go on when everybody else gives up. The kind that takes care of her family despite illness and fatigue.

I gave her the sensitivity to love her children unconditionally even when they have hurt her deeply…

I gave her the strength to endure her husband in his faults and to stay at his side without weakening

And finally, I gave her tears to shed whenever she needs them to be shed.

You see my son, the beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, nor is it in her face or in the way she does her hair.

The beauty of a woman resides in her eyes. It is the door to her heart. The door where love resides. and it is often through those tears that you see her heart go by

Life is a one time thing. We do not get makeup sessions. Every minute we lose is gone forever.

image from Life‑is‑not‑a‑dress‑rehearsal.png

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Have You Checked Your Vitamin F Lately?

my logoSomeone sent me a story about Vitamin F and I loved it. So, how is your Vitamin F doing? Mine is up there on the charts and I hope yours is too because if your Vitamin F gets low, life becomes extremely difficult. Life is hard enough and even harder when you have a lot of health problems but I realized a long time ago that it was up to me to be in control of how I felt.  I have choices and I can either sit  and worry about all this medical stuff, how will I endure it, exacerbate my fears of all the tests, surgeries and new procedures that they want to perform on us, etc or I can change my view. So, I am changing my view to Vitamin F and making sure I have a high enough dose to keep me going.

change your thoughtsImage from

I did not like all the fearful tests and painful experiences I was hearing from doctors and so I decided I needed to change my perspective for a better experience. And what better perspective than looking at my Vitamin F levels.

Vitamin F stands for “Family and Friends”.  Everyone and especially chronically ill people need social contact and need people who really care about them in their life. Sometimes we can isolate ourselves and deny ourselves this wonderful “vitamin” of life. I had to learn to trust after having trust broken so many times in my life. I had to learn to reach out to others and allow them in my life. And yes, sometimes you get hurt badly when you do that but it is the only way to raise your Vitamin F.

And now, my Vitamin F quotient is high and I love it. Friends and Family can help reduce stress, alleviate fears, comfort our hearts, lift us up, encourage us, make us laugh, cry with us, hold our hands when we are scared, and over all make our lives so much better. It is not like we want them to baby us 24/7. We just want them to let us know they care and be there in the darkest moments. If one of the Vitamin F’s is rated as  high stress, just reduce the dosage. *wink*

So, now I am focusing on my blessings instead of my fears and that makes a world of difference. I changed my view and that changed my outlook on life. Years back I spent too much time worrying about how to fix what I really could not fix. I changed to putting that in my Creator’s hands and focusing on what I could change. And the biggest thing I could change was my attitude.

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The Power OF Words

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Words are one of the most powerful things in the world. Marriages, friendships, relationships, businesses, companies are started from words. And wars are started over words. Friendships and marriages have ended over words along with business deals, companies and other things. Words are extremely important. They can heal or wound, entice or break a person, bring laughter or tears to others, bring hope or despair to someone, and can break hearts or harden them. So, when did we start throwing words around so casually without any thought about the repercussions?

The-tongue-has-no-bones-but-is-strong-enough-to-break-a-heart-So-be-careful-with-your-wordsimage from

I am southern born and bred and where we come from in the deep south, the word “hon” is as common as breathing. There is no sentimental attachment to it and is just something people say as part of their culture. Let others from another area come in and some will find it “sweet” and some will get mad and demand how dare you call them hon. But, let them hang around long enough and people will soon learn that it is not used as a form of endearment but rather as a way of speaking to a person whose name you do not know. It is probably one of the least forms of endearment and a far cry from calling someone “honey”.

And then there are people who call others darling, honey, love, precious, sweetness…. words we know as words of endearment and yet they are not always to the person speaking them. Perhaps another cultural difference. And yet many will mistake them as genuine words of care and love and end up getting hurt. So, when did this casualness with words of love and care become something that is done so often? People get hurt with that because some will always believe in it and their naivety will cause them great anguish when they learn it is not true and is said to everyone.

Words used casually soon become hollow words and as time progresses they will become meaningless. So, what do we do? Do we go back to valuing the meaning of words and using them as intended or continue on a path of nothing anyone says is true? I am very old school. If I use the word “love” to a person…I mean it. It may be that the love is deeper with some than others, but I truly mean it. If I say I believe in you…I mean it to the very depths of my being. And if I no longer believe in you, I will never say it again. I try so hard to not say hollow words…words with no real depth behind them. It is like giving an award to everyone in the class when only one person really earned it. The words lose value.

I also believe in telling people as kindly as possible when something has hurt me or angered me because not communicating only causes problems. And I have come to learn that many will “react” and begin coming back in attack fashion. And as I already said….words can destroy. Friendships can be lost, marriages ruined, companies dissolved, countries go to war just over words. I am reminded of the Hatfield and McCoy feud and how many today can not tell you what started the animosity and break in friendship.

I have always believed in being “true to thy own self” and treating others like I want to be treated. Does that mean I always succeed? Of course not as I am human but it means I try hard. It also means that I trust too much, give too much of myself, love too much and reach out to help those that I care about any way I can. And it means I get hurt a lot. I just figured it came with the territory of trying to be as Christ like as I could and opening myself to others. I have begun to understand why some people prefer to live in the country away from others as there is less problems. And yet, that only puts a wall between me and others.

What I have learned is that words are too powerful…the bad and the good ones. They can do things that we may not think about the consequences of and we end up hurting someone. And I have learned that I no longer know what a person means when they talk because people do not value the true meaning of words anymore. I find myself staring with this visual of a lotto machine flipping pictures at Vegas only it is flipping definitions to me to pick which one I want to take the words as meaning. And so, I decided to take people at their words and take the risk of being hurt. For if I reject everyone, I could be rejecting those that are authentic with their words.

How do we fix this?  I have no idea. All I know is that I have to live by the meaning I put in my words and I have to accept if my meaning goes off course or becomes hollow and causes pain, anguish, anger, harm, etc to another. And in today’s time where the internet makes spouting off words so easy and then the person saying those words walking away, many.people are getting hurt more and more in life and learning to trust less and less. So, I would say maybe the solution is “be accountable” for what you say and do in life and own it for if you truly own it, you will think about it before you say or do it. My motto is “Mean what you say and say what you mean”.

you are responsibleimage from

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This Little Light Of Mine

my logoSometimes the reality of life has a way of taking us out of the game for a while. That is how it has been for me lately. It has been doctors, tests, and I am sure you know the drill and these have come two to three days a week and days of recuperation after them. I am not back up to my normal par but I at least still have a few brain cells functioning right now. Or, I at least hope I do.

Last night was a night of laying flat on my back with my legs in cramps that twisted my legs up. Who needs exercise, I have extended muscle cramps is my new mantra. Fortunately or maybe unfortunately, because my spine is so bad that I can not feel my legs from the knees down, I did not feel the pain of the muscle cramps only intense pressure and exhaustion after it was over .  So, due to that and some other issues, I can not guarantee this blog will make the sense I want it to but hopefully you will get the message inside these words.

Watching reality shows is not a true image of what life really is like. Reality shows on TV are scripted. Real life is what is actually happening to you at the moment. When things get tough,  does this mean we just lay down and give up? I can answer that easily because the answer is no.  Sometimes we may struggle to get going but as long as we are moving no matter how slowly, we are making progress.

Do you know who our worst enemy is? I bet you do. Just look in the mirror. That person in the mirror is the worst critic we have and expects things to work perfectly and when they do not, gets upset the most. So, then what do we do when the reality of life hits us hard?  Well, if we are a reality star, we could get hair extensions, a butt implant, a boob job, a new boyfriend/girlfriend or new spouse, a new car, whatever. We could get.anything to make us feel better for a short period of time. I am sad to say though that will not help the inside of us that is tired, in pain and just fed up with being sick all the time. Happiness lies within the heart and things will not fill that happiness void  So, we must find that little spark that keeps us going.

There is one thing that keeps us going and fighting to survive and that is hope. No matter how tiny that spark of hope is, it will still illuminate and give us the strength to keep trying. I love Elisabeth Kubler Ross and her words help us to keep going.

stained glassimage from

I admit there are times my hope takes a beating but I think the reason that I hold on so hard is my faith and my knowing what heaven is like. A couple of times during surgery they had a lot of trouble and I was almost lost. And yet, I can tell you what I saw during that time was the most beautiful place in the world filled with colors so vibrant they looked like glowing precious gems. I know where I will go when I die and therefore I do not fear dying. And that alone keeps my hope going so that I keep fighting and keep trying to hang on to life.

No matter how bad we get, never let your hope dim. Keep in mind the person you are on the inside and let that hope shine forth. It is ironic that as sick as I am, I do not picture myself as someone sickly. I made my doctor laugh once when they mentioned putting me in the hospital due to  a bad infection and I replied “No, no you have sick people over there.”  They replied with a laugh and said  “What do you think you are?” My response was “Not sick like all of them in the hospital.” . I do not see myself as sick as I am. That helps me even when the dark times where I must just lay here and not move happen. I believe that is the tiny spark that gives off just enough to keep my hear and hope illuminated and show my stained glass. Stained glass is made from broken pieces of colored glass….broken but made into an imperfectly perfect image.

how I see meimage from

Remember that song “This Little Light of Mine”?  Keep your light shining outward no matter how tiny that flicker of hope is for that helps during the worst of times. No matter how hard it gets, there are pieces of joy along the way if you look for them. Sometimes my piece of joy is laying here just snuggling with my sweet Daisy dog.

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Parents, Do You Know What Your Tweens/Teens Do On The Internet?

my logoThis blog has been on my heart for a good while. I know some parents will get huffy and tell me they know everything their child does but I can assure parents as a former teacher that parents do not know everything their child says and does. I heard more about the parents of my children I taught than I cared to know. Having said that, I ask you all please take the time to read this fully and then just think about it for this is serious. Before I start, here are some definitions for you if you are not aware of vlogging.

vlogger:  A person(s) that videos their life daily and posts it on Youtube for the world to see.

Vlog:  The video that is created to post online. It gets its name from “blog” someone who writes daily for others to read only this is a video blog hence vlog.

Tween:  A child nearing puberty usually defined as being 9, 10, 11 or 12 years old.

I love to watch family vlogs on Youtube. One of the downsides is that many, many tweens  and young teens that are allowed to have channels to watch these vlogs are acting in ways that I think any parent would be embarrassed about. Not only do many attack others in the comment section, make ugly remarks and try to tear down some of the people vlogging their lives and their babies, they use profanity, gang up with a couple of other friends and even slander the families reputation usually out of jealous because the family or person vlogging has made money and gets to buy do things these children can not. Many vloggers do this as a career and work from home.  The idea of being anonymous on the internet gives many including adults the idea they can say and do what they want but it is especially sad to see this from children.

There are a lot of “I am a teen mother” or “I am a teen and pregnant” type vlogs on these channels and also young adult single mothers who had a baby or are having their second and third baby from different boyfriends. Yes, there are some really good channels/vloggers that are just sharing their life with others and sharing the birth of their child and them growing up. I worry about which ones the tweens/teens are chosing as role models. And to be honest, are some vloggers that need to be on X rated channels that teens follow. I love the good family ones but my worry is that tweens/teens are getting so wrapped up in the baby ones that they have lost any interest in finishing school.

I have read some of the tweens/teens saying they can not wait to get pregnant and start vlogging to make money instead of going to school. I have seen them pretend to be a young mother or pregnant and talk about pregnancy, nursing or newborn things as if they were doing them only their comments sounds like they read it off a google search. And when you go look at their channel, all their friends look the tween or young teen age so you know they are too.  It actually encourages them to get pregnant when so young..And there is no encouragement to go on to school and get an education.

I think what worries me the most as a former teacher is that the tweens and the young teens are carrying their smart phones to school and some are actually bragging about skipping classes or pretending to have to go to the bathroom so they can watch their favorite vloggers’ videos. They are getting up in the middle of the night to watch them and even brag about not doing their homework so they can watch them. It has become an obsession to them.

Some of the family vloggers are aware that so many tweens and young teens are flooding their channels and are very careful to not do things to encourage these kids in the wrong direction. But many are not as cautious about influencing tween/teen fans and have a huge fan base and simply only care about the number.

Most of these young people are young girls who instead of out being normal kids are watching hours and hours of vloggers channels. This is their virtual reality.  They think that having children is easy to do and are so caught up in the money that is paid these vloggers and the freedom to not have to “work” or “go to school” that they want to do the same thing. And to give you an idea, some of these teenage pregnancy vloggers and young parent vloggers have a fan base from 35,000 to over 300,000 and some over a million fans. While it is good for the vloggers, is it good for our kids?

When this first started I began to realize just how many of our tween/teen population was on these vlogs watching them and commenting, I started checking out other family baby vloggers to see what was going on. I discovered that this trend is all over the world from just about every country.  Some tween/young teens brag about how when their parents come around they just show them the cute videos of the kids but not all the videos. It is their secret world and they are very careful to hide what they do not want you to see.

If your child is one that watches family vloggers, please  look at your child’s channel.  Then if you casually ask to see the videos or their favorite video family, just let them show you but later go look up the family vlogger channel yourself and start looking through all the videos and reading comments. Also know that many of them have multiple accounts under different names so if they get blocked by a channel, they can come back with another account.

I find it very upsetting that young teens who have gotten pregnant on purpose so they could put up videos to make money and people in their upper twenties and thirties talking like some teenager using the slang so they attract them more are influencing the children today. Many people thought rock and roll was a bad influence on kids, this relatively new phenomena of “pregnancy and raising baby” vlogging  is something many kids are watching hours in each day. To give an example, a vlog (video) can be anywhere from ten minutes to thirty minutes and most people have ten, and even twenty or more favorite vloggers that they watch daily. New videos are put up daily by most of the vloggers. That is a lot of hours put into watching these videos daily by children who should be in school and studying.

I learned a lot just watching and reading comments on vlog after vlog after vlog  to see if this was just one vlog that tweens were on or multiple.When I posted one time that I wished Youtube would quit allowing tweens on there, a tween responded in a not very nice way that 99 percent of those watching are tweens and all the revenue would go. Although I knew this person was just using a number, I also knew they were pretty right in that a HUGE number of tweens/teens are watching and commenting on these videos. And let me tell you the names I got called, the nastiness and put downs was something I did not expect from an 11-year-old.

Please do not misunderstand me. There are a lot of really good family vloggers that I really like and would not mind a child watching. But there are also many that do not care what they put on and influence the tween/teen population in ways that I never realized until recently. It is not the good vloggers that I am concerned about. It is all the tweens and teens…hundreds of thousands…that are watching ones that are not good role models that I worry about. And the ones that are behaving in ways that I was totally shocked at on these vlogs such as the hate and bashing and wanting to get pregnant and quit school so they can vlog.

So my question is for parents, do you really know how your child is acting on the internet and the things they are posting? Do you know how much time they are spending and the role models they are following? Do you know if your child is trying to emulate the wrong kind of role model or is wanting to get pregnant so they can make money and quit school? If you really do, I say kudos for being very attentive parenting. Smart phones and tablets, etc are great for keeping the kids occupied but my concern is just what is occupying them especially after learning that this is kids from all over the world….a future generation who does not want to go to school and wants to get pregnant while still a child themselves. And I am sure I made some people mad writing about this, but my heart felt it was important enough to speak on.

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