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Have You Seen This Woman?


The woman has been found thanks to the internet and social media  and media attention being given to it now. And she was spotted by her nephew. See the link here to read about it:

Simply danLrene signiaI do not normally do this but there is something about this situation that makes me feel compelled to do it. And if putting it on my blog helps her, then I am all for it. I can not imagine going through cancer treatment and not even know who I was. Please share this on all types of social media.


Here is the story:

On February 1, 2015 “Sam” was found in S. California not knowing who she is or where she is from. She has an accent most likely from Australia.

Many of her memories are from Perth, Cottesloe Beach, New South Wales and in Cairns in Queensland, Byron Bay, and Hawaii. She speaks English and some French.

Unfortunately when she was found she was in dire conditions. She was rushed to the hospital by paramedics and was in ICU for a few days. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The tumor is thought to have caused her to have retrograde amnesia. She cannot recall her name or names of any family or friends.
This is where we need your help! Please share this FB page to everyone you know, especially Australia, England and Hawaii.

Description: White female, Approximately 50 years old, 5’7” and 200 lbs
Blonde dyed hair, Brown eyes, Chipped front tooth (probably from fall)
Right-handed, Near-sighted, vaccination (sm pox?) scar on right arm

The last thing she was wearing was a navy blue T-shirt with Annapolis Harbor with anchors on it, navy blue shorts and Sperry boat shoes, and Burberry tie made in England.

FBI, Interpol have been involved and fingerprints have been ran.
Thank you!!!

If you have seen her or think she looks familiar, please contact the authorities and show them this page:
Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

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Wear Your Character Like You Wear Your Clothes

Simply danLrene signiaWear Your Character Like You Wear Your Clothes

 I am sure some of you are scratching your heads and wondering where this woman is going with this title. In a time in our world where being dishonest, lying, stealing, and other atrocities are on the rise, character seems to be sliding to the way side. I love this quote below because it explains what character is.

characterimage from

To me, character is the core of us. It is a person being honorable, true, honest, moral both mentally and physically, caring, compassionate and does the right thing even when no one is looking. It is not something we come with as we enter this world, it is something we build in ourselves. And it can be lost easily.

ruin characterimage from

It is hard today to really know who has good character and who does not. This is why I say wear your character like you wear your clothes…..on the outside and turned right side out and not hidden under layers. Often people show a side of themselves that they think others want to see, or that will give them the results they want. But, it is not their real character

And I realize that those that already have good character will have no problem with what I am saying because they already do that. I am just hoping that some people who put on this mask of being so good, so honest and moral only to accomplish an end, will realize that once you do that and someone finds out differently, you have lost a great deal.

concerned for characterimage from

Your character is up to you. No one can create it for you and only you can change it if it needs changing. If you have good values and character, wear it on the outside where the world can see it. Do not be like the Emperor in “The Emperor’s New Clothes” and walk around thinking you are fooling the world because the world will see through you. Always be authentic and real, be honest and good and treat people with kindness. Own your character and wear it on the outside with pride and if you are ashamed to show your true character, if you have to hide what you do or really believe…then maybe you need to reassess your character and see if it is character that is worthy to be shown.

Emperor's new clothesimage from

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Are You Safe Or Free?

Simply danLrene signia

I can remember a time many years ago when I was afraid to dream. I was afraid it would never come true. I was afraid that something bad would go wrong. I was afraid I would make a bad choice or decision. I was afraid of what people would say. I was afraid I would lose everything I owned. And then one day, my health plummeted and I almost died. And it was then I realized that none of the things above mattered even if I lost everything. They are just things and can be replaced. And I realized that if I never stepped out of that safe spot I kept myself in, I would never experience anything. What kind of life is that where you go through life never experiencing anything you dream of….just living and being safe. We have each been given talents and abilities and we can either live safely or we can use those abilities to grow and work to achieve our dreams honestly and ethically. But, I do believe we are expected to use our talents.

We each have talents and abilities. Along with those we each have dreams. We can live safely, neither increasing our talents or abilities nor increasing our chances of having our dreams come true or we can step out on faith and do our part. For my son and I that meant setting up a plan and working the dream to move out here.

Flying outside the box and being free takes courage. Sometimes that first step to go outside the box and work for your dreams is the hardest. It takes commitment and it takes being honest and ethical in all that you do. To really enjoy the feeling that comes when a dream is reached is amazing. And to know that you did it honestly and that you did your all to help make the dream come true and were willing to step outside the box to do it is even more amazing. Son and I would never have made it to Colorado had we not been willing to step out on faith. And believe me when I say, it takes courage to load all you have into U-haul trucks and head out across the country.

Flying outside the box, no matter why you do it is scary. But, you can do it. It comes down to deciding what is most important to you. Like I tell people all the time, if you are not willing to take the chance and do the work, then one should not complain that their dream did not come true.  There is a feeling of exhilaration that comes when you decide to fly outside the box that is closely akin to flying. It is such a wonderful feeling and when that dream hits and you know you have done your all, it is the ultimate dream come true even if you only get a piece of your dream.

You can stay at the bottom of the mountain. You can hide your talent or bury it in the back yard and never do your part and that is where you will always be. Or you can fly outside that box, do things with honor and integrity and have the dream of a lifetime. There will always be mountains to climb…the important thing is how you climb. Are you going to stay in the box safe?  Or are you gonna fly outside the box and feel the wind in your sails and reach for that dream? It is all about the climb and what you decide to do.

video by The Voice Kids

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Stop Trying To Resurrect The Past

I think it probably took my health becoming bad to make me realize that I can not hold on to the past nor can I base my life on the future. The present is all I have. I have been around people who just can not seem to let go of the past, what was said, what was done, what was lost and it consumes their life. The one thing I have learned is that you can never change the past. It is over and done. So trying to keep the past in the present is only affecting our living…our life now.

“The Past is dead. It is over. It is done. You can not change it.”

So, if this is true and it is, then would not holding on to things from the past that upset you, that hurt you  be a futile action? It is keeping alive something that is harmful but that you can not change. All it does is keep alive memories of hurt or anger or sadness or grief. And every minute that we do that is a minute we waste being happy and living our lives as intended…joyously.

I call the troublesome things from the past that keep cropping up and we play them over and over in our heads the race track syndrome. The thoughts ace around and around in our heads and while those negative thoughts of what someone said or did to us, or a hurt or a loss are playing in our heads, we have lost the ability to live our present life.

image from

There is a saying “toxic thoughts equal a toxic life” and I believe that is true. As long as we hold on to anger, hate, malice, extreme sadness and grief, we are keeping the negative atmosphere in our lives and  our lives become those emotions.

I have been around people who would be so angry over something someone said or did to them that all they did was fume and spew anger about this person. She lived in that toxic energy and would talk about all the things she would like to do to them or all the things she hoped would happen to them. The past is dead. We can not change it and all people who hold on to these emotions are changing their present and most likely their future.

image from

It is hard when someone upsets us to let it go but we can choose. Oops, there goes that choice word again. It is a choice to hold on to these negative things and it is a choice to let go and forgive and move on. Forgiveness is for us most of the time so we can move on. I have found myself in the past where something hurt me so much that all I could do was lay there and cry. My solution to get rid of this feeling was to write, I would write my pain out and  put down what happened and then I would burn it.

image from

It took me a few days and after writing it and burning it several times, it began to lose the effect on me. I think this is because I was taking it out of my head and putting it on the paper and once I get something on the outside, it loses power. It is when we keep it inside and nurture the negatives feelings and replay them over and over and over in our heads that they become so toxic that it affects not only our emotions but our physical health.

Choose to live not to hold on to the past. Choose to forgive for that is one of the most healing things you can do for yourself. Choose to stop blaming your past for your problems. Choose to keep the past in the past and live the present.

You can do it. You deserve to have joy in your life, not negativity.

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The “H” Word Is On The Rise

The H Word

Such a small word and yet it can affect so many. Hate just does not hurt those that are hated, it hurts the ones doing the hating. Did you know that it takes energy to hate? This is why I tell people who I do not carry hate or anger. I do not have the energy to spare. Every time we hate someone, we are setting an example for those around us. And it becomes the ripple effect.

I remember my youngest son coming home from school one day. I believe he was in about the first or second grade and he told me that kids were using that bad word. I asked him what bad word and he replied..”You know, the H word”.  My first thought was hell but then he looked up and innocently whispered “Hate, mama. they use it a lot.”   My heart felt a pang for I had tried so hard to keep my sons away from the hatred so many spew. People learn it from somewhere. I broke the cycle of racism with my boys and others have too but it is still out there.

image from

I think the hate going on around our country and the world is one of the things that makes me sadder than anything. People no longer know how to talk out differences and so they resort to hating those that are different than them. And hate is like a bad gene, it gets handed down generation to generation.

I really thought we had come a long ways until I watched the last election and I would sit in stunned silence that supposedly smart adults were using hate and prejudice in the political arena. It really is time that we stopped the hate.

No matter how much a person hates something or someone, it is not going to change the thing they hate. So, why waste energy doing it?  Perhaps I see it as something so simple because of my health and the fact that I just do not have the energy to throw into hating and being ugly. I look back through time and it seems each generation has its set of things to hate and yet we never seem to learn how destructive hating is.

“We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.”  Jonathan Swift

I have had my battles with doctors and medical things and have gotten upset but even that doctor that treated me in such an ugly way…..I can not hate.  I have people who have betrayed me, been ugly to me, used me and even said horrific things to and about me but I just do not have it in me to hate them. If there is injustice, then dislike it enough to do something about it. Do not hate it for I think hate is a futile emotion. It is an emotion that is like burning the fields back in the south. We would burn the garden plot by lighting the fire on one side and lighting it on the other and the fire burned inwards so that it would eventually burn the insides up. Hate burns inward and it scorches our very souls.

“Hate is a powerful emotion. Unless kept in check, hate can cause an avalanche of destruction. It wreaks havoc on relationships, breaks up families, and even takes away innocent lives. With hate, dark thoughts of revenge and destruction can cloud the mind. Hate not only destroys people around us; it also erodes our own character. Never let hate engulf your mind.”  Jonathan Swift

Hate is another one of those things that is a choice. We choose to hate and we can choose to not hate. It helps if people can figure out why they are hating but the sad thing I think is many people fuel the hate because they do not want to work on the issues that are causing them to hate. Hate, like anger becomes easier to do than the tougher emotions and work of dealing with emotions.

“Hate stems from being hurt in some way (especially when expectations have been dashed or are unfulfilled) and a feeling of impotence to change it. Hating the other person, or even one’s self, becomes a handy substitute for taking negative action. Such hate usually includes any of the following: feeling of anger, resentment, disrespect, being wronged, loss of personal value and being excluded. However, hate can also be used as a form of preserving one’s power, to maintain some form of superiority, especially where one feels inadequate and needs a scapegoat to blame (e.g pointless racist behaviour).”

©Elaine Sihera (Ms CYPRAH) 2011
Emotional Health and People Management Consultant

And if hate is a choice and we can choose not to hate, then how do we do that. It seems emotions are running high around the world so have people lost control of their emotions? Is hate like anger, an easier feeling to deal with than dealing with feeling wronged or abandoned or loss of control in one’s life or whatever set off the hate? As I was writing this, I realized that the one thing that makes not carrying hate or anger around for me was the fact that I am forgiving by nature. I learned a long time ago that forgiveness is basically for myself to allow me to move on and so I forgive easily.

“The most effective technique to overcome hate is forgiveness. It is both sad and pointless to take one event in a person’s life and use it forever against them, or to be resentful against them for something which might have happened ages before. By forgiving that person, both people can move on from it. But, most important, the forgiver is freed from the past and can move on to a different perspective in love rather than in hate.” 

©Elaine Sihera (Ms CYPRAH) 2011
Emotional Health and People Management Consultant

image from

We can not legislate hatred away or racism away. Oh, yes we can make laws for equality but hatred is an emotion and you can not legislate emotions. The hatred a person has will still be there even if  a law is passed. So, why can we not as adults work on accepting others and realizing that just because someone lives different from us, does not make it wrong. I keep remembering reading in Galatians as I am a person of faith that the fruits of having the Holy Spirit in us are listed in verse 22-23.    “22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control.”  And that is what I want to show to people…the fruits of the spirit. Those that are showing hate are showing the fruits of the flesh.

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My Legacy To My Children

I read this quote the other day and thought it was beautiful. I am poor and have nothing really to leave my children except what I have given them from the heart that will carry them on through their own lives

“No legacy is so rich as Honesty.”

~ William Shakespeare~

And so I lay here thinking about what I tried to teach my children. Yes, top of the list was honesty and I see that my son is passing that legacy on with his daughter. I am so proud of him. The legacy of always telling the truth, not bending it or telling only parts of truths for there are no half-truths. A half truth is still a lie. While a person can fool others, they should remember that someone somewhere will always know the truth.

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all the people all the time.

~ Abraham Lincoln~

Other things I hope that I leave with my children when I leave here is compassion and charity for others. I have always believed that what you give out…be it good or bad..comes back to you ten fold. And I have seen it time and time again in my life.I think there is no greater feeling of joy than when we are doing something to help someone else. I watch both my sons and they are quick to reach out and help. They take that step and ask nothing in return. I love when I see one of my sons go across a parking lot to help someone who is having trouble loading their groceries or is having car trouble. And I love when I hear they have gone to help a family in trouble or to take them food. I remember one time in specific where we  gave half of our food to someone who was in need even though we had no money to get anymore. And yet, two days later, a neighbor came by and asked could they give us food as their freezer had died and it would just go to waste and they gave us twice as much as we gave away. What we gave in good heart came back to us.

“Fear grows out of the things we think; it lives in our minds. Compassion grows out of the things we are, and lives in our hearts.”

Barbara Garrison

Another thing I hope I have given my sons and leave them a legacy of is love and how to love themselves and to love others. I think we all have the capacity to love but if we are not taught to love in the right way, we can go down paths that lead us into destructive behavior.  Real love is honest and compassionate so they are all intertwined. I hope I taught my sons to love without expectations as love is something you should give freely. I hope I taught them to love all people and to love in spite of not because of. And I hope they learned to love with forgiveness. And I pray they learned the difference in liking something or someone and loving them for we will like many things in our lives but we may not always love them.

“It’s not about how much you do, but how much love you put into what you do that counts.”

– Mother Teresa-

All of these things seem to go hand in hand. Another thing I hope that I have given my sons is the understanding of the power of forgiveness and how important it is in life. While some people may ask us to forgive them, usually forgiveness is for ourselves so that we can move forward. If we hold on to anger and hurt, it is our lives we are tearing up. And if we can look at others and see behind their actions to the reason, forgiveness comes a lot easier and so does understanding that everyone acts in a different way.

Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.”

Paul Boese

I hope I have engrained in them to always hope and dream and never give up so that they follow their dreams too. I think without hope and faith and dreams, we are lost. I love hearing both my sons tell me of their dreams for the future….dreams of living in the country for one and dreams of making this home into what he wants for the other. I love seeing the spark in their eyes when they talk of their dreams and what they are doing to make them come true.

“Hold fast to dreams. For if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.”

James Langston Hughes

Another thing I hope I have left my children as my legacy is the value of hard work. Hard work not only helps us reach our dreams but it makes us who we are and makes us value what we worked for even more than if it were handed to us. Both of my sons are hard workers and I hope they continue to be so and hand it down to Sweetpea and any other children that may come.

“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing”

Teddy Roosevelt.

And so, when my time comes, I pray my legacy to my children includes honesty in all things, compassion and charity for others, love of themselves and others, the power of forgiveness, the ability to dream and hope and to work hard for their dreams and for those they love. These things will not be dollar bills but the value that they will bring is far greater than any fortune I could leave them.

And the very last thing I want them to have is the ability to always know who they are and to respect themselves and the values they carry.


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The Art Of Forgiving

Simply danLrene signia“I can never forgive them”

“They have not said they are sorry so I will not forgive them”

“I want them to know I forgive them for what they did”

“They have not asked me to forgive them”

“They do not deserve forgiveness”

Have you ever heard people say those things above?  I have and I imagine many on here reading have and it always makes me sad. The truth of the matter is, forgiveness is more for the person forgiving than it is for the one that did wrong. Now, if a person realizes they hurt you and tells you they are sorry and asks you to forgive them…that is one thing, but to hold on to the anger and the pain because you want to see them grovel and come begging and hurt like they hurt you before you will forgive is another.

304655_480256658691897_664062739_nimage from

Forgiveness is for peace of heart…it is so we can move on in life no matter what the other person does. Forgiveness is to free our hearts and help us let go of all that anger and hurt. No, a person does not have to know you forgive them unless they ask you to. Forgiveness is for your heart and for you and can be done in the privacy of your own home. No one has to know but it will sure show in you that you have forgiven others.

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”—Mohandas Gandhi 

Forgiving is not excusing what another person has done but rather saying I choose to forgive you and to let you go because I want my life back. I have watched people become filled with bitterness, anger and hatred because they refused to forgive and move on in their lives and it is sad. Holding on to anger and hurt is like putting a chain around your ankle with a heavy metal ball on the other end and dragging it around the rest of your life. You can never be free and it will consume you and hold you back from living a happy life.

This is what I saw just recently with the church in SC where nine people were killed in cold blood because of a young man’s racism and hatred. They were allowed to tell the man what they felt and what he had taken from them. Their last words, each one of them, were “But I forgive you”….”we forgive you”. Many have asked how these people could forgive that murderer. The truth is that they knew that this was the only way for them to heal. It was not saying what the man did was alright. It was not excusing him. It was saying they were not going to let him steal their joy in life and happiness by forgiving him. He might have stolen their loved ones but they know where their loved ones are and that is how they can forgive him. They know they will see their loved ones again one day.

Not only does an unforgiving heart affect you, your health and your life…it affects those around you. Whole families have become consumed with the anger and hatred and hurt until everyone in the  family is destroyed and the person that hurt them has gone on their merry way. I personally choose forgiveness so that I can be the happy person I am and so that my heart can heal which enables me to move on in life.

image from

There was a woman named Eva Kor who lost all of her family in the Holocaust and after years of hurt and anger, she decided one day that it had come time to forgive so that she could move on. She tried to get others from the Holocaust to do the same and tried to explain to them that it was for them, not those that killed their family members and tortured them,  but many were unable to do that and remained bitter and hurt. Those people wondered how that woman could forgive something so horrific and move on in her life. It was because she chose to do it for her heart not for the ones running the camps and the leaders. She knew she had to free her heart from that hurt and anger so that she could enjoy what was left of her life. She rose above it just like the families in South Carolina. Eva’s story is on the link below. I urge you to click on the link and watch all the videos and read the story. It is an amazing act of forgiveness just like the families in South Carolina is.

Many people think that to forgive someone, the person who did them harm must be sorry and must tell them they are sorry. The truth of the matter is that person that hurt you may never tell you they are sorry and they may never think they were wrong. So, if you can forgive them….you can move on with your life. It does not matter what they do….it matters what you do for yourself. If you have someone you have not forgiven, try forgiving them today. Withholding forgiveness is like a heavy ball and chain and will drag you down and keep you in the pit of anger and resentment. It is baggage we do not need in this life and so much easier to forgive. Once you make the step, you will find your life is lightened tremendously and you can move forward.


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On The Wings Of An Eagle, A Spiritual Gift

Simply danLrene signiaOne of my favorites

Video by FREEDOM

On The Wings Of An Eagle

On The Wings Of An Eagle
Standing ready, she closes her eyes listening for the sound
She raises arms to the heavens as she edges forward til her toes curl round
The moon beats down upon her face and the glow warms her from within
She lets her eyes follow the mountains as they curve around the bend
She is barefoot in splendid wonder, her cotton gown clinging to her knees
The whiteness of the cotton gown slowly rippling like fog amongst the trees
Her hair flows like dark rivers over her shoulders in layers of earthy brown
There is no fear within her as she again raises her face listening for the sound
The moon,a glowing beacon, had risen from the treeline like a goddess in the sky
She had heard her softly say “come darling, follow me, it is once again time to fly
She found herself walking on legs long since withered as she rose to obey
she felt no pain as the moons glow wound round her legs in soothing play
She grew excited with anticipation for she had heard the call many times before
Silently moving through the house until she finally reached the exit door
Her breathing was shallow and a smile upon her lips as she quietly eased outside
She stood looking to the moon nodding she was coming, the door left open wide
Now, she stood with toes curled upon the ledge and her arms raised ready to fly
Not one drop of fear around, she waited only for that sound of the familiar cry
She hears them in the distance, the echo of eagle’s cries float into her ears
She raises up on tiptoes, with arms open wide and steps off the cliff with no fear
Falling downward she smiles knowing the softness of the landing will be sweet
When her body sinks into the familiar softness, she feels the heart begin to beat
She nuzzles her face in closer and lays there in silent wonder cheek to cheek
The power of the beating wings fills her heart leaving her breathless and weak
Looking down she sees the meadow illuminated with the glow of the moon
The animals are scurrying around as if making a magical nature tune
She watches with delight perched high up in the sky as the world flies by
And in breathless wonder, her heart skips a beat as a tear falls from her eye
She closes her eyes for a moment, sighs in deep content with a smile upon her lips
Feeling the power of this body as they make turns and dips and flips
she realizes the gift she is given when she stands on the edge waiting for the sound
As she stands looking with arms raised to the sky, just waiting to be found
He gently sets her back upon the earth as his wing touches her face tenderly
And she sees the gentleness in his eyes that is only there for her heart to see
She feels him say as he looks at her that he will return again, to wait for the moon
The moon will let her know the time and she will return to the cliff very soon
Few can see with the eye of the eagle or soar across mountain tops touched by snow
She used to ask him why she was picked but he told her it was not for her to know
All she needed to know was when the moon told her that it was time to fly
She could hear the echo of hooves, feel the warriors near as he lifted her to the sky
And as she lay on the softness of feathers and caressed his beautiful head in love
Some could only feel his beauty through the thickness of a leather glove
She knew it was a gift she was given to ride in splendid wonder in the sky so high
And feel the presence of heaven so close that the beauty made her heart cry
©danLrene 2013

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Happy Father’s Day

Simply danLrene signia


a very special Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there, to all the grandfather’s and uncles who stepped up to be the Dad to their grandchildren or nephews, to all the men who stepped up to be the Dad to children not their own in a marriage and to all the Mothers who stepped up to be both mom and Dad to their children.

happy Father's Dayimage from

The job you do is often under appreciated, taken for granted and very hard but just remember there is no greater gift that you can give a child than to be their father.

father-vs-dad-quoteimage from lessonsoflovefrommyfather.wordpress.com146 × 199

Also a special shout out to all those Dads in the military who are not able to be with their children on this special day. Know that your sacrifice for our country is seen and appreciated from our house to you.

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Delicate Lace

Simply danLrene signiaMWSnap008 2015-06-15, 16_40_22

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