Life Waits On No One

I listen to people talk about life and their lives and I think about how precious mine has become to me with my health like it is. I do not want to waste one minute of it on things that will not matter a year from now or even a month from now. Life is too precious and we each only have so many minutes in our lives and no one knows how many.

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How many of you remember the show  “THIS IS YOUR LIFE!”  The show was on in fifties and sixties and then resurfaced in the seventies and early eighties I believe. The purpose of the show?  “In the show, the host surprises a guest, and proceeds to take them through their life in front of an audience, including special guest appearances by colleagues, friends and family.” 

The reason I bring this show up is that I wonder what would be in our portfolios if we were to star on the show? What would friends and family say about us? What would they remember about us? Would they remember good things or would they remember us always pouting, whining, being mad about something and in general…not very pleasant to be around.

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There are 24 hours in a day, 1,440 minutes in a day and 86,400 seconds in a day. How many of those are spent in telling our loved ones how much we love them? How many are spent enjoying our family and loved ones no matter how bad we feel. No matter how bad we feel, how little money we have, how much work we do or do not have to do, time does not hold still for us. These are hours, minutes, seconds that we can never EVER get back. So, what do we spend them on?

I hear people say and I have said it in the past…“I will do it when I feel better” and then one day I realized…the chances of me ever feeling better is nil. So, what am I waiting on? Why am I letting my time slip by because I feel bad and would rather complain about how I feel instead of being with those I love or doing things I love to do …like for me..taking pictures.  I hear people say…well as soon as things slow down” or “when we get where we have more money then I can slow down working as we can do this or that”…..What if things never slow down? What if you never get more money?  How many minutes have been wasted waiting on these things.

I see mothers who tell their children they must get the housework done, the laundry done, the dishes done, supper cooked when the child is begging for them to stop and see what they have done. How many moments have they lost that they can never get back. Life waits on no one…that is a guarantee. So, what are we waiting on?

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And there are no guarantees of tomorrow. Use your minutes so that you do not look back on a lot of regrets wishing you had done this or that. Live your lie so that people remember the good things about you.