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Spring Cleaning Our Hearts and Our Heads

I love this quote here. It is not mine but it is so true. What goes in us comes out of us and if all we ingest is hate and anger then that is what we will be. Time to start cleaning out all the negative, ugly, hateful things in our hearts and heads.


I love spring cleaning time where you pull everything out and clean around and under it and get rid of what is no longer useful. So, to me, it makes sense to spring clean all the things we have accumulated over the years that trigger us and affect how we respond. We need to take them all out, put them on the table so to speak and look at them and ask ourselves why we are holding on to the negative emotions. Why are we holding on to hate and anger and other emotions that bring us down as a person?

So, I am going to do a little spring cleaning of my mind and heart and see what I can get rid of. There are things I just need to avoid which I do which is all the hate on social media. There is also things that become so common in the world that we just tend to forget that they are wrong and accept them as normal when they are not.

So, time to get out the big old brooms and rakes that years ago they beat the rugs with after they hung them on the line to get all the hidden dirt out and clean out our hearts and minds out  and give us a fresh start. Forgiving people is a good place to start, not because anything they did to hurt us or harm us is ok but because it frees our hearts to move on in life.

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Everyone Inspires Someone

We all inspire someone. It may be to inspire them to fight harder, to work harder, to be more loving, etc. Or, it can be to inspire them to do things that are bad. I have heard people tell me that they don’t want to inspire anyone or to be a role model and my reply was “You have no control over it. We may never see nor know the people we inspire but we do influence people. So maybe we should influence people for the goo.


People we walk past in the mall or at school or walking downtown may see us do things and be inspired to do what we did. I think we see that all the time. All these riots, violence, etc are influenced by someone. Children watch their parents and siblings and grandparents, etc and learn behaviors from them. My prayer is that what we are all doing is good things and teaching those who see us good things.

Our young people are being inspired or influenced by many things. You tube is one thing and we have a lot of young teens who just want to get pregnant and quit school. And now we have a bunch of young teens who have had two or three kids, have no idea how to take care of them or how to keep house and are just lost.  And yet they have been influenced by people they have never met.

I know many parents who are awesome parents, raising their children with values and discipline and working their job and that is awesome but sadly the others that just get pregnant over and over are higher numbers than the ones we have raised right. I have two sons I am proud of who are both hard workers and make me proud. I have learned to stop before I get angry or say things ugly in front of others because I do not want to think I influenced anyone in a negative way and I am sure I have in the past.

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Just My thoughts



One time many moons ago I was asked who did I think I was to be telling people what to do. As the picture above says, I am not here to tell anyone what to do. I am just here to present ideas that might make people think about what was said.

I watch all that is going on in the world and our country and look at all the protesting, screaming, name calling etc and my only thought has been who is watching out for these kids who just went through trauma? Instead they are being used to promote an agenda. I strongly feel that we should never ever have discussions when emotions are so high and anger and fear. Why are these kids not getting some counseling instead of their emotions being used?

I guess I look at things in a very objective way and try to see all sides but with all the anger and hate going on, there is no sides. It is “agree with me or you are this or that”.  We do need solutions but there is no one perfect solution which is why we need to listen to all the suggestions.

Today is my rest day so that is all I will say. 🙂  Wishing you all a wonderful day.


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Life Is About Choosing

Every day we have choices to make. We choose many things and some are good choices and some are not very good choices. But at least we had the right to choose. If we are always afraid to choose anything, we lose out on so much.

I believe learning to choose even if we do not get what we want is important. If we always tell people when they ask us what do we want, “I do not care. Whatever you want.” that is exactly what we will get. A short story ti emphasize this. My Dad when he was about 8 was taken to the bicycle store and asked which bike he wanted for Christmas by his mother. His Dad died when he was 7. He thought if he picked a plain, cheaper one she would be so proud of him for not being greedy that she would buy him the fancy one. Well, she bought him exactly what he said he wanted.

It is not just in the little things we should express what we want, hope for but also in the larger things. A couple who decide they want to get married should have already discussed the hard things like “Do you want children?”, about finances, where to live, faith and what church they want to go to if they are wanting a church and other things. Being passive about this leads to some of the divorces we see now. People think they can change the other person over time so just go ahead and marry. Unfortunately you can not change another person.

I truly believe people do not express their desires, wishes and thoughts because they fear the other person(s) will not like it or will reject it or them. And if they do, you have saved yourself a lot of heartache. That does not mean be greedy and ask for the top of the line in everything. It simply means if someone asks you your opinion or what you want, tell them truthfully.

Life is full of joy and sorrows and this is why I think it is so important to be true to yourself. I am even that way when someone asks me “How do you like this outfit.”  I don’t tell them it makes them look fat or ugly if I think it does. I simply tell them that I like another outfit better on them. Always kindness.

Fear can destroy us. Go boldly into your lives and leave the fear behind you. Probably 80 percent of what we worry and stress over and fear never happens. And if something bad happens, you just pull yourself up and keep marching forward.


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Do We Always Need To Explain Ourselves?

This vlog is inspired by an old quote I made. In this day and time, it seems like people have to explain themselves, their words, their motives, their actions.  But, should we really? If people don’t know us they may not know our actions and who we really are but will explaining over and over help them understand what they have not seen in us?

I do believe we should be true to what we believe and stand for. It took me years to learn to stand up for my being a person of faith.  Friends would all be in a group and someone would start telling dirty jokes or making comments that I felt uncomfortable with but now I either just walk away or if they ask I tell them that I just am not into dirty jokes, etc.

I learned through all my years that it is important to be the person in private or small groups that you show to the world. I find that with social media it is easy for people to present a fake front but when you are alone with them or in a small group, the person they really are comes out. How can we expect people to believe in us if we don’t believe in ourselves?

Always allow yourself the ability to be exactly what you hold in your heart. If I say I am a person of love then I can not be going around spewing hate. If you are truly happy, then find that happiness as much as you can and enjoy life. Life is too short to not be  your real self.


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Living Your Life

simply danLrenes opinion

Living Your Life

It is nights like the ones I have been having with pain so high that I can not get eased off to sleep that people’s question to me on how do I stand this come back to mind. I lay here last night pondering that and realized that how I stand it has a lot to do with my faith and a lot to do with my believing that I have a life to live and I am going to live it without constantly complaining about it. I may not live it like many of you do. I may not be able to go out and travel or to stores or even out to eat like others do but live it I do. And I live it looking for joy in my life as it is. If I do not do that, then I will never find the joy because extreme pain and sickness will rob me of that.

I learn to adapt and create new ways to do things. I have had one truly amazing travel experience in my life some years back and that was to Italy and I was on forearm crutches at the time. It was a hard trip but a most wonderful experience. Today I can not do that but I can revisit Italy by watching videos of Italy. I have two choices. I can enjoy an alternative way of seeing Italy or I can lay here in bitterness, anger and jealousy that others can travel and I can not. I choose the first. That trip is so memorable to me that I can actually close my eyes and go through the whole journey and feel and taste and smell all the wonderful things. I can taste the cappuccino and smell the caverns we went into. It is imprinted on me.

Adaptation is so important. I can be angry I am in a hospital bed or I can learn how to do things a little different such as reclining in my power chair or laying on the couch when people come to visit. And if I am too sick to do that, a short visit by them in my room gives joy. I have a life to live and I have but ONE life to live and I am going to live it to the best of my ability and be grateful for every chance I have to experience things whether it be laying back in the vehicle while son drives me through the park to see the lakes, etc or i is laying back in my power chair to watch him to the flower beds or something as simple as talking to my loved ones on the phone. It is choice and it is acceptance that at the moment I do the best I can. If there is a road block on the road because the road is out up ahead, do you just try to drive through it or figure another route?

I remember reading a quote that said life is like a camera. If you do not like what you see, then change your focus. I am extremely sensory and that is one of the things that brings me pleasures in some ways and crashes me in others. Too much of a good thing can be bad for us. I love smelling the food when my son is cooking and my door to my room opens into the kitchen. I can see my son cooking and smell all the things he creates. I may not be able to eat it, but I can enjoy smelling it. Laying outside, which is so important, allows me to hear the birds, feel the breeze on my face, feel the sun and just take in nature. I spent an hour one day just laying there watching a bird build a nest. I loved it.

We all have just one life to live and we can either look for the joy or live it in misery, anger, jealousy, etc. I choose joy.

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Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Innocent until proven guilty….this has been our country’s mantra every since I can remember that is until lately. In the past few years it has become guilty by mainstream media or by social media. They post things they have no proof on hoping that the gullible will believe it. When they post things like “an anonymous source”, “Appears to be”, “Probably”, etc, then they really do not have the proof or know for a fact.

And the sad thing to me is that our young people have not been taught that people are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The number of different accusations I see on people in general on social media is astounding. I would hate to be accused of something and have to go to a jury trial because I do not believe many people should be put on a jury for they convict based on emotion and not facts.

People have been put in prison because the media printed articles that were not true. So many of the mainstream media have sold their souls to the devil because they would rather lie just to get rid of the person they do not like. I find that reprehensible. What has happened to truth and honesty and looking for real facts not what someone on the internet or in a news cast tells you what they believe is the truth.

I have seen families torn apart because social media judged them publicly when they were innocent and families split, spouses left and lives were destroyed. And even when the truth came out, the damage could not be mended.

I ask you all to pretend you are on a jury when you read all the garbage on the mainstream media and on social media and ask yourselves as you read “Do I see facts in here?”   “Have they submitted evidence?” and try to decide for yourself if what you are being fed by the mainstream media or even by all the people on social media is the truth. Remember that one day this could be YOU on that side where you are being tried, convicted and sentenced for something you did not so and would you not want “Innocent until proven guilty” to prevail?

(PS…sorry for the absence. A lot of medical going on and seeing specialists because my primary asked me to in order to see if anything could help this extreme pain. And the answers were the same:  no surgery because I could not make it through it and extreme damage. So, I have had to rest a lot because on top of it all I had a disc rupture. Thanks for caring and I am still fighting upward. 🙂

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Are Hate And Vengeance The New Norm?

Are Hate And Vengeance The New Norm?

I have written on hate before but today when I read through all the news headlines, it struck me that both HATE and VENGEANCE have become the new norm. Not only is hate becoming more normal so is going after people, trying to destroy them and close any business they have. Automatically turning to hate, vengeance and vigilante justice is becoming the norm and increasing over the past few years.

I just want to point out some things that people need to think of before they try to destroy someone just because you do not like what they said or did. Right now there is a “fire Colbert campaign” going on because he made a homophobic Trump insult.  I do not agree with that kind of talk but seriously people have gotten ridiculous using social media to ruin people. I am totally against what he said but to try to stop him from having a job because of what he said is called censorship. Remember that thing called freedom of speech? I agree with making complaints against it to the station and asking for something to be done but I do not agree with trying to destroy a person because they do not agree with you. What he said was insulting, ugly, hurtful and should not have been said but it was not illegal.

People try to close businesses because they did not do what they wanted never once thinking about all the employees that need that job to support themselves and their families. It is vigilante justice without thinking of consequences and I have to wonder what age people are promoting these campaigns. See, it is teens and tweens that do not have the skills to see the consequences of their actions and many of them get on the bandwagon on these things because it feels powerful to them. Whether people like it or not, we do still have freedom of speech but it comes with consequences for everyone including those propagating all the hate and vengeance.

Hate and revenge are rampant. You want to affect Colbert, stop watching his show. The less people who watch makes an impact on the show and the station. I have seen such behavior as this in the past few years on smaller scales and now on huge scales. Oh yes, let’s destroy Ivanka Trump’s clothing industry because you hate Trump. What about the people who depend on that income to live? Or, destroy Chick-fil-A because they do not agree with LGBT beliefs. Lets go to smaller incidences like the children bullied because they were different or did not agree with what you believe and were bullied to the point they committed suicide. Where does it stop? What will you do when someone decides they hate YOU and want to destroy you? With the way things are going it can happen at any time.

I believe in standing up for what is right but I also believe in doing it the right way. If you are against a company for legitimate reasons, stop buying from them. If you are against a restaurant, stop eating there. Just use common sense and do not let your hate and vengeance be something that destroys a lot of innocent people. As I watch all the name calling, hate, attempts to destroy others, etc on social media and in the news, I just feel sick in the pit of my stomach. I can not nor will I live my life hating. If I am against something going on in the government, I will make it known, write letters, sign petitions etc but I will not try to destroy everyone.

If I do not like certain famous people or their shows, I will stop watching them for watching them is supporting them. If I do not like certain vloggers like the couple who just had two children removed because of their treatment of their children on the vlogs, I will report it and I will never watch it. But, I will never try to destroy someone and destroy innocent people in the process. Hate only creates more hate and mob mentality destroys people.

And that is simply danLrene’s personal opinion.

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On Boundaries


Boundaries are important to make your life more peaceful. Some people do not know how to set boundaries and others do not know how to use boundaries. The difference in that those two things is that some people have not set any boundaries so people intrude on their lives all the time. And other people just do not follow boundaries and are constantly intruding on the lives of others.

I had to learn how to set boundaries and learn how to say no. It is alright to say no when someone wants you to do something. Yes, they might get mad for a bit but they will get over it and if they do not get over it, they were not a friend to begin with but rather someone used to using others. Have you ever agreed to do something say like be in charge of an event that you really had no interest in and really did not have the time to do and then came home mad at yourself for saying yes?  And then you felt resentful about having to do it? That is a sign we need boundaries and need to stick to them.

Decide what is right for you not to please everyone else but to please yourself. If you do not want to go somewhere, go on a girl or guy’s night out, babysit for someone, take over someone’s shift, lend money, etc, then learn how to say no. Do not make excuses cause you will get trapped in them. Just say no. Yes, some will try to guilt you but trust me when I say it is far better to come home after saying no than it is to come home and be angry with yourself and resent what you are going to be doing.

And this little part here is for those that think they “have the right” as so many put it to say or do what they want. Yes, that is true but when you step on our rights to not be bothered, you are crossing a line. Some people need to learn respect for others and sometimes we have to be the one to teach them. So, please…set boundaries and stick to them so that the ones with no boundaries do not run over you.

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Family and Friends Versus Political Views

Family and Friends vs Political Views

This topic was prompted by what I have read on social media. My first reaction is to say “What the H is wrong with people.”  but I realize that will not get the message out there. So, if you are so filled with hate over this election that you can not think clearly, have trouble sleeping from it, and all you want to do is call anyone on the other side names, this is not the article for you. Or maybe it is.

I have seen people on social media saying they have removed their family and friends from their social media and their phones and will never speak to them again. Pretty drastic to do that. The day a person’s political views are more important than their family and friends is a sad day indeed. Politics will change as it always does. But your family and loved ones are always here.

I think the irony of these statements by people is that they are striking at the very core of what our country is based on: Freedom of speech and freedom to choose. These people are the very ones that scream “I have freedom of speech!” if someone tells them to hush but they are doing that to their family and loved ones and to anyone around them. And yet they do not see the irony of what they are doing.

I remember days where politics were discussed and people did not have to agree with what one side said or the other. People could discuss without going into rages and attacking people. People could disagree and would even say “we will just have to disagree on that” and go on. The past few years all that has changed and people are being attacked, name called, etc for their views on politics and even on religion. And some people are trying to silence those who do not agree with them. Is that not violating my freedom of speech if I disagree with you and you try to silence me? And the answer is YES it does. Also some people have been taught if they scream the loudest they can drown you out. It feels like high school all over again.

Now back to the family and friends being banned by people. I have to wonder if that is what these people really want is to lose their family and friends unless they agree with them? It would seem that way. I only can say this….be careful who you put out of your life for they may never allow you to come back into theirs again once you get what you want and get those in power you want. They may say enough. I find it shameful that politics are more important than family or even dear friends. Our values have been corrupted.

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