Traipsing Through Memories

Today has started off quiet after the flurry of activity this week. I have to pinch myself to ask was it just a dream and yet I know my other son and family were here and I got to see my Sweetpea who is tall like her daddy and her Mimi. And now to ride through the pain that comes after joy. Oh, but how grand that joy was.

I was laying here thinking about the word walk. What a simple word and yet not such a simple feat for many of us. But, as I thought….I thought about how many words there are for the word walk. All mean the same thing, some a little more descriptive but they all mean putting one foot in front of the other.

Walking sounds so beautiful with some of these words. I will meander down the trail. Let’s stroll down the street. I want to roam through the mall. He sauntered past us.  She strutted down the board walk.  We rambled around the countryside. They traipsed through the woods. The old man shuffled across the street. She trudged through the snow to the mailbox.  I watched Jack mosey over to his bed. He blundered into the room. She hobbled along the street. He limped down to the road. The drunk careened around the corner. She tottered down the street on those high heels. I love words that leave you with an image. It does not take a lot of flowery words for to me that sounds like someone trying too hard to write but just one word can create an image and do what communication is supposed to be…instill an image.

And there will be some of these words that will bring back the image of my Sweetpea and my son and his wife in a flash. And that will bring me much joy and work as a distraction when pain is high. But more importantly, it will keep them alive in our home until the next time. I can visualize Sweetpea with her cute little walk strolling across the living room. Ahh memories…how great they are.

And now I shall traipse down, wander down, meander down, and ramble down the memory lane the next few days while I recuperate from such a wonderful visit.

8 thoughts on “Traipsing Through Memories

  1. You are right there are so many words to discribe walk or many other things as well so neat to be able to come up with all those words like that. It is just so sweet that you are able to now see and remember Sweet Pea and your son and wife as they are today. I am sure this trip was equally important to them too. Maybe not quite but nearly.

  2. wow you gave me quite the visual…. thank YOU, and may your walk, your stroll, your wobble, your jaunt, your journey not be so arduous once you rest, your restore, you replenish you recoup from all that love you gave and received, all those hugs, hands, heavenly wonder you experienced with the sensorimotor times spent well and seated in your brain, your body, your nervous system to recall in the wink of an eye until the next time, the next moment and the next mark on the stick of growth along that path.
    Blessings and healing thoughts coming your way as I meander to you from my screen to yours.

    • Sherry you nver cease to inspire me with your words. You have that capacity for understanding exactly what I and others who live with pain are saying. It is what makes you such a good speaker around the world. Blessings to you too.

  3. And such a grand walk it will be for you Hon when you need it and by sharing as you did, we will know your memories also<3

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