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Check out the newest book of Dr Sherry E Showalter I can personally tell you after reading it..devouring is one awesome book. But do not take my word. Read the reviews of others as they finish this awesome book. Barnes and Nobel and Amazon both have reviews up already.  Down The Hallway page is up on facebook…check it out. 

downhallwy front and back

You can purchase this book at Barnes and Nobel,,, and other book sites. It was released a week ago.

All reviewers so far have given a 5 star rating on the book

On Barnes and Nobel, people wrote:

  • Posted October 19, 2013

    After literally falling into the book and reading it from cover

    After literally falling into the book and reading it from cover to cover, I can honestly say it is one intriguing and fascinating story. I love true life stories. This book is laid out with sections by the therapist, sections from the journals of the woman with DID and artwork done by the person called "Charmaine". It flows through and you are left wanting more at the end of each section. I carried it around and could not put it down. I did not think I would be interested but it is spellbinding as the author tells of meeting each of the alters and even having altercations with. I recommend this to all…but keep in mind it is an adult book.

    Posted October 16, 2013

  • This is an awesome read! Well written, fascinating story, I could

    This is an awesome read! Well written, fascinating story, I couldn’t put it down. This is a book you can sink your teeth into. It is powerful. I have loved every minute of this book. If you like to be engaged by a book, this is the one. I have been watching for this new release ever since I read Healing Heartaches by the same author. This is a must read!

    On Amazon, a woman posted only half way through the book to tell readers how great this book is.

  • on October 17, 2013

    Format: Paperback Amazon Verified Purchase

    I am half way through – cannot put this down. It is like Sybil meets the Dali Lama meets Mommy Dearest – INTENSE but SO Good. I love the format of journal entries – an entry from the “Doc” and an entry from the patient. So it flows really well and is just REALLY GOOD. This apparently is a TRUE story and my god this poor amazing brave woman – I cannot wait to see how she gets better. -i hope she got better!!!


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    Take a look at what is being said about the new release of Down The Hallway! I am honored…

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