Wonder Dog Is In Bad Shape

I have been holding one of my best friends in my arms tonight deathly sick. He has beat the odds so many times but we don’t know if he will make it or not this time.  This is one of my favorite pictures of Jack with is “Whatcha talking about”  looks.

Jack had a seizure tonight and scared son half to death. Son ran for me and Jack finally came round and stood up enough for us to get him into my room.  Jack has been my baby since shortly after 9-11.  He was already a big boy when we got him and so he is pretty old. This is Jack in his hut with his Scooby Doo blanket.

I have had to leave a light on because he does not want it dark and if I move and he is not touching me, he tries to get up. My heart is breaking but I also knew this day was coming. I had seen it for the past week that he was going down. He looks up into my eyes now with such trust and I tell him it is ok . There is no way to explain to him what is happening and he is content just to lay against my leg and my hand reach down and touch him.

I find myself thanking him for all the joy he has brought to me, all the tears he has dried, all the times he made us laugh with his funny antics and all the love he bestowed on us so freely. He was abused when we got him and was rescued. When we got him he did not know what a toy was or a bed. He was terrified of loud noises for the college kids that had him were shooting guns right up next to him because they thought it was funny to watch his terror. He wanted away from them so badly that when they found him, his paws were bloody and torn from digging out.  Humane Society told us they didn’t know if he would be able to be around people as he had fear aggression. We went to see him at a woman’s house who trained dogs and he came straight to me. They had told me not to touch him or anything and yet he let me rub his face and look deep in his eyes and talk to him. I said…”he was waiting for me. I want him.”

This is Jack when we got him. He was three plus years old.

The first night I awoke to find him standing over me howling as a thunderstorm raged. I wrapped him in a blanket and held him and rocked him. This went on the first two or three years we had him. It was so funny as we lived in a mobile home and he and I would go sit in the bathroom, the one on the inside of the mobile home because it felt safer. And so when Jack heard a storm, he would head for the bathroom and if I was not following, he would stick his head out as if to say “you coming or what??”

Jack has always been happy just to be with us. This is why we have the kennel in the van. When we go to Pueblo or out to the Rio, Jack goes with us. As long as he is with us, he is content. He does not like to be left alone.

I am writing like I think he is leaving and he may be….my baby…my dear best friend. And yet at the same time I am looking at pictures of him and celebrating all the time he has had with us. All the fun things we did together and all the funny things he did. I can’t imagine life without him. Isn’t it ironic that animals with all their love and innocence and beauty live such short lives and humans…who have the ugly traits live such long ones. I think that is one question I will ask when my time comes and I get to the other side.

Jack has almost died with the vet about five times. They got where they said he was like a cat with nine lives. And since we have lived out here, he has been deathly sick about five or six times and made it. But, I have to wonder how many more times he can beat the odds. How much more can he take when he is so frail. He is already past the age for a dog of his breed but then again..age is just a number. And he has so many health problems. He has tumors and the vet before we moved told us operating would kill him. I guess he is tough like his human mama here. We keep fighting until the very last.

So, I am going to share some pictures of my Jack while I am rambling. Hope you all don’t mind.

Jack with his toy

Jack being a character

Jack with Mama. He adored her and would lay on her feet.

Jack sitting by my feet on the porch.

Now talk about rotten. His arthritis was hurting him a while back and so we had the heating pad on it. He loved it.

He is mad here cause I don’t have his good blue cape finished washing yet.

One of my favorite pictures of him in his blue cape sleeping.

And this one always makes me laugh. I was playing with him and said ok Jack, let me in. and he gave me his “how do I know you live here? Look.

And of course you would never know he was spoiled with this picture, huh. He always loves his head covered up. I crack up for when you pull the cover over his head, he starts snoring before it settles. I would tell him I knew he was not asleep and he would sleep talk to me.  This was one of the times that he got so sick from someone trying to poison him and the vet kept him with her in her office. They all loved him at the vet. He pulled through and came home weak and got very spoiled and loved on.

Our first winter here and Jack’s first experience with snow. Oh my did he love it. Now, he tolerates it. Too much arthritis. He would run with his mouth down scooping it up and then throw himself down in the snow and just roll and roll.

Jack and Sweetpea playing together. He loves her so. He would dance around and try to make her not cry when she was in the playpen. She used to lay on top of him to watch TV when she was little. I wonder if he will remember her when she comes next week.

And as you can tell, he has a thing about pillows for his head.

I just know that my Jack is a very old man now with gray around his eyes and his mouth and a limp to his walk and moves very slow. And he gets cold so easily. But he is still my baby.

And I also know that if Jack does not make it through the night, he has been well loved, brought much joy and laughter to our house and has had been treated with all the love of our hearts to make up for all the abuse and ugliness he suffered in his first three years. My heart is heavy right now as I lay here and watch him breathing and talk to him soothingly. If he has to go, I want him to know I was right here with him. I don’t know if I will tell you tomorrow that wonder dog is gone or if he is still with us. I have decided that the Lord knows what is best. I do not want him to suffer.  I am just thankful to be able to lay here touching him and talking to him.  I am going to lay back with my arm off the bed touching him and try to rest some. It is going to be a long night. Will write more later.

30 thoughts on “Wonder Dog Is In Bad Shape

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  2. We are praying so hard for sweet Jack and hoping he gains strength….reading your post about your love for him and memories of him touched my heart, made me cry, and made me wish he could be with you forever and in good health. praying, praying and sending love.

    • Thank you Kate. WRiting that night helped me cope with things as I sat with him. He has been by my side for over ten years and ever since I became disabled back in 96, I have had a pet…I think they help us deal with life easier. Thank you for all the prayers.

  3. I am thinking of you and Jack I had beautiful loving dogs that left me too.
    It is hard but you seem to understand but know if you lose him what pain it will bring too. So God Bless you and Jack, He truly has been a wonderful dog and we all got to know and love him too. Sending my love Darlene

  4. As I write this, I know that Jack is ok, that you have Jack as you always have… and that Jack will be with you always… and my heart is with you always… Jack the wonder-dog …no other words can do your words justice. holding u in my heart.

  5. Thinking about what you are going through…. I have been there and understand the many thoughts and feelings you are experiencing. When my old Max died, the vet reminded me that for about ten minutes after his heart stopped… he could still hear and understand. He suggested we continue to hold him and talk to him. That he would still know we were there with him… and would still hear and understand even if he could not move and his heart was no longer beating.

    Do you have a copy of the poem Rainbows Bridge?


    Nothing I can say will ease your pain. But sending you prayers and positive thoughts.

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    • I assume you are talking about Tyler. OH yes, I think when we let God make the choice…it is always the right one. I had to lay Jack in God’s hands last nite and as I watched the life draining out of him and seizure after seizure..I just asked God one thing…please don’t let him suffer much. And when he licked my hand this morning and I saw his eyes clear..I knew a healing had taken place. thank you.

      • Anne, I just read it LOVE LOVE it. I can’t figure out how to comment on your blog. Is there a trick? I loved the pictures too. thanks and thanks for asking for prayers for Jack. 😉

      • Hi again danLrene I’m pleased you liked your e-mail, I like to give people gifts mainly my cooking or as a child flowers but with blogging I link my Posts to enjoy and so others can link back.

        You said I can’t figure out how to comment on your blog. Is there a trick?

        I did receive your comment but because it was your first one it had to be moderated, I noticed you continue to moderate yours, I don’t worry, you get very little spam if you have protection and I just delete anything not acceptable but I have received very few, I like my friends to feel free to comment without being censured and if they are in error Scripturally I just correct with the Bible but mostly there is no problem.

        Christian Love Anne

  7. We are with you danLrene and Jack, be assured we care, it is a hard thing to let go but as you said he will always be in your heart, it is good that you can express your sadness by writing to us and sharing your rememberance of the joy you have had with Jack as your furry friend, you will be in my heart thoughts and prayers.

    Christian Love Anne.

    • Thank you Anne. It has been a hard night and day but I believe that God is healing and has healed Jack. I knew he was dying and now I know he is Living…and only God could have done that. Praise be to HIM.

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