Priority or Option? The Choice is Yours.

One of my favorite quotes has to do with how you allow others to treat you and how you treat yourself. Sometimes in life, we compromise for the sake of love we think but in reality we are compromising our very being. When we make someone the most important thing in our lives, we should get the same in return.

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We should never settle for second best just for the sake of having a relationship of any kind,  We are worth loving…all of us and we deserve to have the same kind of love that we give..a deep, abiding love.  Have you ever changed in order to be what someone else wanted? Have you ever submerged yourself into the likes and desires of someone else to have a relationship to the point of ignoring your own likes and desires?  Have you ever become a copy of what you thought other people wanted you to be in order to be friends with them?

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I remember a quote once that said that we teach people how to treat us by how we treat ourselves. If we do not value ourselves then how can we expect anyone else to value us. If we always take the left overs, the last, and put everyone else first then we have shown people to treat us second best. If we have no respect for ourselves, how can anyone else?

“You teach people how to treat you means that it all comes back to you. It’s up to you to allow or not allow certain treatment. It also means that you have to first get clear about how you want to be treated. It means that you have to take responsibility enough to write your own owner’s manual. And you are accountable for living by your owner’s manual. For some of us, it may be the very first time we ever even gave this any thought.

(Remember that accountability and responsibility have nothing to do with blame. They are an entirely different energy and intent than blame. Blame seeks to shame and belittle. Responsibility seeks to un-victim you.)”

Christine Kane

I think it boils down to valuing yourself….to believing that you deserve more than being someone’s option while you are making them a priority…believing that how you are is just fine and you do not need to be a mirror of someone else to have friends…that it is important to value yourself, respect yourself and stand up for yourself. You are worth it.

10 thoughts on “Priority or Option? The Choice is Yours.

  1. I like it….and very timely too….no, I haven’t given Nik the elbow! but I have come to this conclusion elsewhere in my life…and today I did something very brave……I have handed in my notice at school…..eeeeek!……love teaching…hate the school/management/head! and have been off with stress for a month now….and thoroughly enjoyed not being there! so now I don’t have to go back ever again…what a relief!…..I shall chill until we go away on our expedition to Romania…and then do supply teaching in September….((((Hugs)))) love Helena xxx

    • oh Helena…proud of you girl. Sometimes the stress is just not worth it. And your health is more important. Yes the priority/option includes our jobs. We can’t give our all to a company or business that only makes us an option or does not care about us.
      Did you ever get my address. I used the email at S4 group cause I could not find any other. OH take me with you on your expedition to Romania. 🙂 love you and glad to see you taking care of you. That is how I felt when I left teaching. I was just burned out totally from the system…not from the kids. love you..HUGSSSSS

  2. Deb, once again you’ve written an awesome post! Love love love it! Profound, poignant, inspiring, …….
    You have a way of tying everything together in a nice neat package! Kudos!

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